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Nov 5, 2016

Welcome to the show dedicated to the artist and professionals that make Springfield, Illinois a melting pot of creativity and entertainment.

Episode 59: Dean Williams it’s no secret this year I have been close to obsession level when it comes to videography and filmmaking this and I was honored to sit down with the Legendary photographer and President of the Central Illinois Film Commission Dean Williams.

This episode was originally intended to promote  The Route 66 International Film Festival

But the Cubs Won the World Series and I LOST MY DAMN MIND!


Our opener comes from long time friend Brian McCormic from Redbird Electric Tattooing .

Our opening track is from the Hospital Job they just got home from the Fest in Florida Congrats Guys!!!

As always you can pick you your own copy from Dumb Records.

There is an awesome playing going on staring a few people dear to my heart this week called A Raisin in the Sun its a HCFTA and all the details are in the link.

Congrats to my good friends from Mind Grenade on Episode 100!


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my brain is Jello

School is hard





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