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Dec 1, 2016

Welcome to the show dedicated to the artist and professionals that make Springfield, Illinois a melting pot of creativity and entertainment.

For episode 60, we meet Zach Kerker the creative mastermind behind

I have been looking forward to this conversation for a really long time,  it’s extremely inspiring to see our local high school athletes on put on what I call our local version of EPSN’s SportsCenter.  My original intention was to have this episode to air on Wed Nov 23rd to correspond with both the holiday and the end of the high school football season.

Much like the previous episodes, this is an audio journey (during the audio) portion we get to know Zach on a personal level and for the Bonus Content we ride along for a night and see first hand what it’s like in the field.

I will admit that the audio isn’t the best quality however, it was the best gear that I had at the time. (Bonus Content is HD audio and video)

Our opener comes from long time friend Brad Jones AKA The Cinema Snob follow him here on Patreon

Our opening track is from the Looming as always you can pick you your own copy from Dumb Records.

The last content posted to this feed was a donation to the brave men and women that spoke at Springfield Stands United.

This episode is a week late, however my education is far more important to me than like downloads and shares. I am quickly wrapping up the fall semester and I will put out as stuff that I am proud of.

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