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Dec 21, 2016

Welcome to the show dedicated to the artist and professionals that make Springfield, Illinois a melting pot of creativity and entertainment.

Happy Holidays everyone, this will be the last episode/Vlog of  2016 and I wanted to close out the year with Lisa Clemmons Stott from Downtown Springfield Inc.

The podcast is a conversation from a few months ago at Incredibly Delicious and the vlog is a behind the scenes look at the 2016 Holiday Walk.  My life has been extremely crazy the past few months and I wanted to thank you for coming along with me on this journey.

I have worked very hard to put out extra content right before the holidays in order to make up for the lack of episodes during the year.

This week alone we have

Episode 61: Mario Cannamela Southtown Sound

Episode 61: Vlog

2016 Geek Year in Review featuring my good friends from  The Front Row Movie Reviews

The Geek Awakens

217 Radio

recorded at Killen Enterprises


Episode 62 powered by The Barbershop, Andrew has always supported us and we are proud to partner with such a great person. He just wrapped up his second annual charity toy drive raising over $2800 for needy children right here in Springfield.I would like to encourage you to visit their Facebook page.


Our opener comes from The Front Row Movie Reviews crew

Our opening track is from  Attic Salt






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