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Apr 22, 2015

Welcome to the show dedicated to the artists and professionals that make Springfield, Illinois a melting pot of creativity and entertainment. Each episode is recorded at a different location featuring a brand new topic.

This week I sat down with Tim Givens from the Pinfall Wrestling Association. He is poassionate about the sport and our community. Outside of Tims passion for the sport, he has a son.  Tim recently found out that his son has Autism. I dont know about you, But I am unfamiliar with what it takes to succesfully raise a child (let alone a child with autism). There were government programs to help with this need, but due to recent budget cuts the program will no longer be an option. Tim has started a Go Fund Me to save the program, I am going to donate and I encourage you to do the same. Here are few links 

#saveTAP  GoFundMe


The SJR's recent coverage of the recent budget cuts todays-must-read

click here PWASpringfield for more information on the Pinfall Wrestling Association


Thanks for listening