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Aug 15, 2017




Welcome to the show dedicated to the artist and professionals that make Springfield, Illinois a melting pot of creativity and entertainment.

For episode 67 we are joined by Dr. AD Carson, if you are unfamiliar with his incredible story here are a few links  

Dr. Carson is a Decatur native, and an inspiration to us all not just in the Arts but also in Education.

It was my honor to bring this interview to you and I want to again thank you for making Lincolns Legends part of your day or week,

Our opening liner comes from Artist Robert Atkins.

I am proud to announce the we will be covering Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (as official press) I am extremely excited to take all of you with me.

Here’s  a link to last years coverage.

Since we are officially press this year I have some awesome plans.


Keep Lincolns Legends in your feed for updates and I’ll see all of you again very soon.

Be Excellent to Each Other


Episode 67: Back to School Powered by The Barbershop.

P.S. Huge Shout Out to Mary Hansen  and Carla Jimenez of the State Journal Registers Podcast. They are wonderful souls!